Segment 1 - 2

Project Details

Length: 7.0 miles

Responsible Entity: TxDOT

Project Type: TOLL ROAD

From: SH 155
To: FM 756 (Paluxy Road)
Initial Section: 2-Lane Undivided
Ultimate Section: 4-Lane Divided

Status: Completed
Opening Date(s):
Segment 1: Aug 2006
Segment 2: Jan 2008

Segment #1
Toll 49 - Segment 1 extends from SH 155 easterly to US 69, a distance of approximately 5.0 miles. Construction on this segment was completed in August 2006, and it opened to traffic as a Toll Road in November, 2006. Segment 1 opened as the first total Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) road in Texas.

Segment #2
Toll 49 - Segment 2 extends from US 69 easterly to FM 756 (Paluxy Road), a distance of approximately 2.0 miles. Construction on this segment was completed in late 2007. The roadway was opened to traffic in January 2008, and tolling was initiated in March 2008.

Customers are able to travel on Segments 1 and 2 using a TxTag or via Pay By Mail.